Image of two women wearing similar clothes hugging while extending their outer arm.

Why like attracts like-minded people

Ever wondered why positive people tend to attract optimistic individuals and negativity tends to breed, and draw in pessimistic folks? It’s because like attracts like-minded people.

Let me explain why that’s the case.

— What you give, you receive.
— We dislike and repel different mindsets while attracting like-minded attitudes.
— We search for similar qualities in others.
— Energy attracts.

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The quote, “life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” By George Bernard Shaw.

Why life is about creating yourself instead of finding yourself

Life is about creating yourself instead of finding yourself for a couple of main reasons:

— We’re born imperfect.
— Not all our value is predetermined by birth.
— Life is difficult, and we have to develop ourselves.
— We have to learn many lessons.
— Failure and mistakes are required to get better.

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The quote, “if there is no struggle there is no progress” written on a tombstone. Quote by Frederick Douglas.

Why there is no progress if there is no struggle in life

If there is no struggle, there is no progress means that difficulties and challenging times are necessary if we wish to develop ourselves because they motivate, and force us to improve.

That’s because hardships are uncomfortable and anxiety-provoking. These are sensations that we wish to avoid by actively bettering ourselves to the point where we can deal with these situations more effectively.

Here’s why there is no progress if there is no struggle:

— Struggle means we have to progress to deal with the situation.
— Provides ample opportunities to learn.
— We learn more from difficult circumstances than easy times.
— We gain valuable new insights.
— Struggle allows us to figure out what doesn’t work.
— We have to think critically and self-reflect to solve the issue.

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Image of stepping stones leading toward a bed.

Why failure is the stepping stone to success

Most people view failure as something they can’t possibly live down, and as something so negative that they should avoid it at all cost.

Yet, failure is the stepping stone to success since it motivates us to learn new things, allows us to figure out what doesn’t work, and because it teaches us to evolve to deal with these difficulties.

Here’s why:

— Motivates us to learn.
— By figuring out what doesn’t work.
— Develops essential skills such as discipline, perseverance, and working hard.
— It’s a natural part of life.
— It takes pressure to build a diamond.

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Image of a diamond with the quote, “pressure makes diamonds” written in yellow letters over the diamond.

Why pressure makes diamonds

People are hardwired to take the easy way out and to prevent challenging situations from occurring because they cost a lot of energy while inducing feelings of anxiety.

Yet, that isn’t always beneficial. It can even be incredibly detrimental to our personal growth. Pressure makes diamonds, which means that difficult times and stress will teach us many lessons, and force us to improve to deal with these hardships.

Here’s why:

— It leads to growth
— It motivates us to improve
— We learn the most from difficult times
— We learn more from failure and mistakes
— Easy times don’t lead to growth

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Image of a shamrock on a black background.

Why luck favors the brave


— Courageous people are less afraid to take risks.

— Bigger risks typically lead to larger payoffs.

— Brave individuals push their limits.

— Bold folks take opportunities that get presented to them.

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Image of a young woman lying in a couch doing nothing.

Why an idle mind is the devil’s playground

These are the main reasons why an idle mind is the devil’s playground:

— People need to be physically active, or their mind tends to wander off.
— People who aren’t active have too much time to think.
— We only think about the biggest issue(s) at a given time.
— We need to move around to stay mentally and physically healthy.

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Image of a man jumping over a cliff while the sun is setting.

Why fortune favors the bold


— Fortune favors the bold since they’re willing to take action.

— They’re willing to take risks.

— Courage typically gets rewarded by society.

— Taking risks typically means a larger potential payoff.

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The word “unprepared” written with the letters “un” being crossed out, indicating that they're prepared.

Why luck favors the prepared


— Luck favors the prepared since they can recognize the surrounding opportunities.

— They’re more likely to be competent enough to take advantage of these opportunities.

— They’re able to do so since they’ve been preparing for a long time for when the right opportunity comes along.

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