Why fortune favors the bold


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    • Luck favors the prepared since they’re willing to take action.
    • They’re willing to take risks.
    • Courage typically gets rewarded by society.
    • Taking risks typically means a larger potential payoff.
  1. Those willing to take risks can typically gain larger rewards

    The words, “risk” and “reward” written by a blue marker by someone's hand on a white background.

    We’re typically told by society and our parents to play it safe. To cut our losses, without ever taking any risks. To simply get by without taking any chances.

    While I’m not encouraging reckless behavior, nor advocating for taking rash decisions, people who are willing to take chances that most aren’t willing to take have the most potential to reap large rewards.

    If you do what the average Joe is doing then that most likely means that you will lead an average life, which is by no means bad, nor an insult. But those who thrive in life, or are truly extraordinary, are most likely doing exceptional things, which includes taking chances.

  2. People reward bravery and courage

    Bravery is a virtue that is universally sought after, and consequently, gets rewarded by society as a whole.

    Because courage tends to get rewarded, brave people are more inclined to get beneficial opportunities, while also being unafraid to take the chances that get presented to them. Opportunities are useless when we’re too scared to act and embrace them.

    Most of us lament that we’re not getting the appropriate amount of chances in life, but in reality, it’s more likely that we’re unable to see these opportunities, and/or that we’re too anxious to take them.

  3. Strong people can take on challenging situations

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    Strong people who are courageous and willing to be brave, despite the possibility of failure and mistakes, will do well in life since these things are inevitable. Life is tough, and only the strong can thrive in it since they can deal with the hardships, and keep going on.

    You can attempt to take no risks and stay in your safe zone, but that will eventually also cause issues since you’re never going to become competent at the skills you desperately need to learn and develop.

    Being brave enough to try something new can, and will improve your existence, and can even lead you to great places you never believed to be possible.

  4. Action leads to change

    Actions will lead to change. For better, or for worse. Realistically though, even though we might disappoint and make errors, these are still fantastic opportunities to learn something new so that we can do better in the future.

    Rarely does a situation improve just by doing nothing. Contrary to popular belief, time doesn’t always heal all wounds. Unless you consider dying to be equal to healing all wounds in the end.

    Even if the action doesn’t turn out the way we wanted it to, that’s still a way to improve, even if it’s just by learning what doesn’t work. That’s at least one thing less we can do wrong in the future, and so we can improve our odds by eliminating the poor/wrong choices.

  5. You can’t win much by not taking chances

    The quote, “winners don't wait for chances, they take them” written on a blue background.

    Most of us think they’re secure by playing it safe and not taking any big risks. But perhaps they’re not truly playing it safe but rather hindering themselves by halting their potential improvement.

    You mostly can’t win much, nor big when you don’t take any of the chances that get presented to you. That’s why doing what’s considered normal and what the average person does will logically lead to an average existence.

    If that’s up your alley, then more power to you. But if not, know that you will probably have to deviate from the norm, while also taking some risks from time to time.

  6. The brave push their limits

    Brave people are pushing their limits all the time. This creates a continuous improvement mindset that allows them to approach and even surpass their current limits.

    While that can create some uneasiness, and even failure at times, it’s still much better than not living up to your potential, because there’s nothing worse than wasted potential.

    Most of us have no clue how good we could be if we properly applied ourselves. Constantly pushing your boundaries will give you an idea of where you’re currently standing, and where you will be going in the future.

  7. The bold put in the effort

    Bold individuals are willing to put in the effort, even though it’s hard, which might lead to failure and negative experiences and can cause us to make mistakes.

    That’s because they realize that no good things ever come from being and remaining passive. Of course, that doesn’t mean taking blind, and reckless risks either. But you’ll find that things typically get better once you decide for yourself to improve by working harder and smarter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does fortune favor the bold?

Fortune favors the bold most of the time since they’re more likely to be “lucky” because they possess essential traits such as being strong, courageous, and fearless.
These are all qualities that are critical if we want to push our boundaries, and wish to become successful as a result.

What does fortune favor the bold mean?

The quote, “fortune favors the bold” written in white letters on a red background.

Fortune favors the bold means that those who are courageous, and unafraid of failure will generally reap the rewards and get more “lucky” as a result of their bravery.

They’re willing to take risks in order to win big. Those unwilling to take chances are typically not in a position to gain a lot of benefits either.

Fortune favors the bold in Latin

“Audentis fortuna iuvat” is the more precise and literal modification of Terence’s quote “fortis fortuna adiuvat”. This means “fortune favors the brave”.

Who said fortune favors the bold?

“Fortune favors the bold” was first said by the playwright called Terence. He was an African Roman author during the Roman Republic. He lived from approximately 195/185 BC until 159 BC.

It’s possible that this ancient proverb is a rewording of the quote “Boldness is the beginning of action, but fortune controls how it ends” that was said by Democritus.

Examples of how fortune favors the bold

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A potential example of how fortune favors the bold is when a guy puts his love for a woman, and despite all odds, she’s reciprocal of this love. As a result, he gets married to the love of his life, gets children together, and establishes a loving family.

If he wasn’t brave enough to walk up to his now wife to talk to her and to eventually proclaim his love for her, then he wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to get together with her.

Another example is when someone decides to pursue their dreams, despite everyone telling them that they will fail, and making fun of that person for following their “foolish” ambitions.

Yet, despite many setbacks, that individual eventually achieves their dreams and gets rewarded for their bravery.

Synonyms of fortune favors the bold

Fortune favors the bold has many synonyms such as:

  1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  2. No guts, no glory
  3. Fortune favors the brave
  4. Fortune favors the strong
  5. Fortune helps the brave
  6. Fortune favors the daring
  7. Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  8. Who dares wins
  9. Courage is rewarded
  10. Fortune favors the prepared mind

The wording might be different, but the substance remains largely the same. That means that these quotes are regularly used interchangeably.

Final note

The quote, “the biggest risk one can take is to not take one” written in b lack letters on a white background.

Fortune favors the bold since taking risks is usually required to gain a large payoff. Being courageous enough to take action despite the potential for failure and making mistakes will undoubtedly lead to personal growth.

Remember that not taking risks doesn’t exist, because even doing nothing is a big decision in addition to a risk you’re taking by remaining passive.

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