Why luck favors the brave


Kevin Mangelschots


  • Courageous people are less afraid to take risks.
  • Bigger risks typically lead to larger payoffs.
  • Brave individuals push their limits.
  • Bold folks take opportunities that get presented to them.
  • Courageous people are less afraid to take risks

    Those who are willing to take risks put themselves in a prime position to be rewarded handsomely. If you’re too afraid to act or to take any risks, then how do you expect to gain any meaningful payoffs?

    We’re usually told to mitigate the number of risks we take in life to “play it safe”. Yet, it can be argued that there’s no such thing as playing it safe since life is the most dangerous game of them all.

    Not taking any of the opportunities that get presented to us means we’re doomed to stay mediocre, without any chance to develop and better ourselves as individuals.

    I’m not saying, nor advocating to take reckless, impulsive decisions. But every choice we make holds a risk, which means that unironically, we’ll never be safe. Yet, we’re even less safe when we’re too scared and indecisive to take action. Thus, doing something is almost always better than simply remaining passive.

  • Brave folks take presented opportunities

    You need to take the chances that get offered to you. You’ll never know how many opportunities you’ll get in your short life, which means it’s critical to act upon those you get offered.

    If you pass all of them because you’re afraid something will turn out unfavorably, then understand that making no choices is impossible. Doing nothing is also a big decision, and rarely a beneficial one.

  • Fearless individuals can obtain larger payoffs

    The usual rule of thumb is that the larger the risk you take, the bigger the payoff you can potentially gain.

    However, the more sizable the chance, the greater the risk that something goes wrong, and ends up adversely.

    That’s why you should always carefully think things through and analyze the possible dangers and hazards before making a big decision. We don’t always get a second chance to make things right, so consider your options carefully.

  • Those unwilling to take chances can’t gain large rewards

    You can’t win in life when you’re unwilling to take chances. But we know that the spoils go to the victor. Thus, it’s only logical that we need to take calculated risks to gain the maximum amount of benefits.

    But this usually stands in stark contrast with what we’re told from the moment we were born until we’re grownups. To minimize the risks, since they always turn out poorly. And while I agree that not all the decisions you’ll make will turn out to be good ones, they’re most certainly not going to be bad ones either.

  • Bold people can take on difficult circumstances

    An orange warning sign reading, “tough times ahead.”

    Those who are bold are normally unafraid of difficult circumstances. That’s partly because they know how to handle themselves, but also because they acknowledge, and recognize that life is hard and that hurdles are bound to cross our path.

    They will continue pushing on, even through hardships. They understand that life is about learning to dance in the rain, rather than waiting for the storm to pass.

  • Brave individuals push their limits

    Luck favors the brave because those who are courageous are much more likely to push their limits instead of those who play it safe and remain in their comfort zone all the time.

    But pushing your boundaries means you’re inescapably going to fail and make mistakes. But that’s precisely what the key to improvement is since you’re forced to learn from your mistakes to do better in the future and to prevent yourself from making the same mistake twice.

  • Being courageous enough to take action causes change

    There’s never been a change in existence without someone, or multiple people, taking the required action to do so.

    While humans crave to remain in their comfort zone, and just do what’s well known to us, that’ll never lead to growth. Personal development lies in the unknown, and we must be brave enough to act instead of remaining passive and staying stuck as a result.

    The change might not always turn out the way you expected, but it’ll transform and improve you since you’re bound to learn new things from these novel situations.

  • Brave individuals put in the required labor

    It’s hard to put in the required labor if you’re too anxious to try to change something in your existence. Without having enough courage to do so, you’re never actually going to get started.

    But don’t be fooled. Even though luck favors the bold, it’ll require considerable effort combined with trial and error before we can taste success. But that’s okay because working hard will teach us valuable skills that we can apply to other areas in our daily lives as well.

  • Humans typically reward boldness

    Human beings have historically rewarded boldness and valor since these are regarded as noble virtues that we should all strive to attain.

    That’s no surprise, seeing as these traits enhance our own lives, and that of others as well. Cowardice leads to disaster, while bravery is required to challenge life and the many obstacles that we will face during our time on this earth. It is required if we wish to survive, and thrive in this universe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fortune favors the brave examples

An example of how fortune favors the brave is when a stuntman becomes successful because he’s courageous enough to do those difficult and daring stunts that the average person won’t even attempt.

Another example is being bold enough to ask for a raise, even though it’s possible that your notion will get rejected, and that the boss will not be receptive to your question. But your bravery gets rewarded by getting the raise you asked for, while that wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t daring enough to ask.

Who said luck favors the brave?

The quote, “fortune favors the bold” written in red letters on a white background.
“Fortune favors the bold” was first said by the playwright called Terence. He was an African Roman author during the Roman Republic. He lived from approximately 195/185 BC until 159 BC.

This ancient proverb may be a rewording of the quote “Boldness is the beginning of action, but fortune controls how it ends” that was said by Democritus.

Fortune favors the brave synonyms

Fortune Favors the Brave has many quotes that are considered synonyms like:

  • Fortis fortuna adiuvat
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  • Fortune favors the brave
  • Fortune favors the strong
  • Fortune helps the brave
  • Fortune favors the daring
  • No guts, no glory
  • Who dares wins
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  • Fortune favors the prepared mind
  • Courage is rewarded

Even though the wording is different, the meaning remains by and large the same.

Final note

Image of the word, “conclusions” written on a black backboard with white chalk.

Most of the time, luck favors the brave. That’s because they have certain skills and traits such as being courageous, strong, and willing to take action that make them more likely to be successful and win in life. Thus, getting more “lucky” in the process.

But it isn’t blind luck like some people like to say. It’s just that you put yourself in a much better position to get fortunate by being capable of taking advantage of those opportunities around you.

Still, you shouldn’t make careless decisions. Take some time to think things through carefully before making a choice.