Muscular endurance training

Picture of a power rack setup in a home gym with dumbbells in the back.
Mass training

Why you should build a home gym

A lot of people are looking for alternative ways to perform their exercises. While a bodyweight workout can be used as a substitute for heavy weightlifting, it’s not desirable for everyone.

Those folks will most likely be interested in how to build a home gym for cheap, while still reaping most of the rewards of a professional athletic facility. This way, they can still get their usual weight and cardio-based training sessions conveniently.

The biggest benefits are:

— Budget-friendly

— Always open

— Equipment is always available

— Privacy

— Time efficient

If you’re interested, this is how to build a home gym for cheap.

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A boxer putting on black hand wraps to prevent injuries.
Mass training

Which factors influence injury prevention

There are a lot of different factors that influence injury prevention.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to. It’s the same regarding accidents. Every person, especially passionate athletes who exercise regularly, will experience unfortunate injuries at some point in their lives.

While we can’t control everything and guarantee ourselves to be harm-free our whole lives, there are several things we can do to reduce the risk of harming ourselves.

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Picture of a woman in pink underwear before getting a six pack on the left and after she got one on the right.
Mass training

How to get a 6 pack: Ab challenge workout

Having excess fat in the abdominal region increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, among many other health detriments.

That’s why we should make it a point to keep a healthy body weight, regardless of what gender, or age you are.

Even more, this ab challenge workout can teach you how to get a 6-pack. This is how.

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Picture of a man lying on a bench and bench pressing.
Mass training

The importance of warm up sets before lifting

You should compare warm-up sets before lifting heavy, with walking and stretching before going for a run.

It serves the purpose of getting our body ready for intense and heavy physical activity. Warm-up sets are essential to prevent, and even to rehabilitate injuries.

That’s why the importance of warm-up sets before lifting can’t be overstated.

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Picture of a man drinking a protein shake at home.
Mass training

The benefits of protein shakes for muscle growth and fat loss

These days, protein shakes and pre-workout supplements are being consumed everywhere around the world.

At first, they were only being digested by avid athletes and fitness fanatics. Fast-forward to the current time, and they are being used by all types of people. Ranging from bodybuilders, powerlifters, people looking to lose weight to people who don’t work out at all.

These are the benefits of protein shakes for muscle growth and fat loss.

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Image of a man shoulder pressing with a barbell.
Mass training

How to get bigger shoulders

Big, broad shoulders are often associated with physical strength in males.

Men are typically looking to improve their appearance, either for themselves, or to attract a mate.

This is how to get bigger shoulders.

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Picture of multiple people lifting with barbells in a gym.
Mass training

Why everyone should exercise

Cardiovascular training, and resistance training, are great to keep yourself healthy. Preferably, both should be combined for the best results.

That’s why everyone should exercise, in my opinion. And with everyone, I mean both young and older folks alike.

That’s because exercising has many proven advantages, such as reduced injury risk and decreased risk of cognitive decline.

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A young woman deadlifting in the gym.
Mass training

How to do a barbell deadlift with proper form

Deadlifting is a great but complex compound exercise with the potential to put on some serious mass and strength but can be one of the most dangerous exercises out there as well if performed incorrectly.

But with the following tips, you’ll learn how to do a barbell deadlift with proper form to prevent injuries in the future.

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Picture of a man holding two dumbbells while sitting on a bench.
Mass training

The best upper-body dumbbell workout at home

How do you get in shape when you can’t afford a gym membership and don’t have access to a home gym?

By performing an upper-body dumbbell workout at home. With just dumbbells as your training tool, you can make a pretty awesome and effective workout. This is how.

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