Why basic common sense is priceless


Kevin Mangelschots

In modern times, basic levelheadedness gets increasingly pushed into the background while wild, bombastic remarks seem to be the current flavor of the month.

Yet, basic common sense is priceless and getting increasingly rare.

Let’s find out why everyone should have the ability to make rational, intelligent decisions based on sound reasoning.

Why is common sense important?

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  • To deduce

    Common sense is important in life to deduce things and to take well-thought-out, rational decisions.

  • To navigate through life successfully

    But since we can’t have specialized knowledge in each area of life since life is so complex, common sense becomes an essential tool to successfully navigate our way through life since it makes our life easier and simple.

  • Real-life experience

    Levelheadedness doesn’t require a university degree to apply, either. What it does require however is awareness and wisdom. It gets taught by habit and self-discipline.

    It is often related and learned from real-life experience.

  • To intuitively make good decisions


    Young woman giving a double thumbs up.

    When using common sense becomes second nature, it gets used intuitively all the time, which will help individuals in all areas of life since it can be applied to literally everything!

    Knowledge is an understanding about specific areas in life, while sound judgment comes down to an understanding of how life works.

What is common sense?

Common sense is the ability to make logical, intelligent decisions, especially in everyday matters. It’s based on sound reasoning or information that’s not based on specialized knowledge.

Good sense refers to our ability to make connections. A chain of thought, using logic and experience to deduce and understand a situation beyond the plainly obvious.

Examples of common sense

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  • An example of common sense in action is just because someone we know jumps off a cliff, doesn’t mean that we should too.
  • If you’re going to start a fight, throw the first punch and make it a good one.
  • Don’t do the crime if you aren’t willing to do the time.

Why is common sense actually uncommon?

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  • Emotional decision-making

    Common sense is becoming uncommon since rational, objective decision-making has taken a backseat compared to making choices based on emotions.

    The most important reason is because people tend to let their emotions get the better of them instead of letting their common sense, wisdom, and intelligence reign supreme.

    Significant to remember that even the most rational human beings are prone to highly irrational behavior and decision-making. And irrationality is almost the archenemy of common sense.

  • Different perspective

    Good sense depends on your perspective and expectations. The common sense a child applies, for example, will be vastly different from that of an adult.

  • Ignorance

    Image of three men sitting against a wall with a mask. The first one is covering his mouth, the middle one is covering his eyes, and the last one is covering his ears, depicting willful ignorance.

    Another not unimportant reason is that people tend to be ignorant of certain aspects in their life.

    This ignorance in itself leads to an inability to apply sound judgment.

  • Openness

    Furthermore, a lot of people lack the necessary amount of “openness” in order to reason appropriately.

    Lots of people are conditioned to believe certain things and to behave a particular way.

    Being possessed by other people’s ideas, thoughts, and behavior can lead to an inability to use common sense.

  • Different people, different personalities

    Illustration of a glass that's half full and half empty with two individuals viewing it differently.

    No two people are exactly the same from a “base” personality and through different life experiences.

    This means that almost everyone thinks that the way they see the world is the obvious and right way.

    Although, through the eyes of another person, the applied common sense from the another individual can seem insensible and poorly rationalized.

  • Lack of mental maturity

    Some people lack the mental maturity necessary to exhibit levelheadedness. It’s related to emotional, also commonly called practical intelligence.

    Just because someone is older in biological age doesn’t necessarily mean they’re mentally mature. Although common sense and wisdom is more common in older people than young individuals.

  • Fragile egos

    Lastly, most people have large, but fragile egos. And to protect those egos, we often opt to forego the better parts of our sensibleness.


Image of the word, “conclusions” written on a black backboard with white chalk.

The common sense we often talk about is actually not all that common.

Yet, it can be a huge aid in our lives due to making everything around us easier and simpler.

Try to keep an open mind and use logical, sound reasoning in order to deduce and understand a situation in order to make rational, well-thought-out decisions.

Call to action

“Stop wishing start doing” written on a bottle.

Try to become (or ideally, if you already are, remain) a free thinker and keep an open mind.

Let go of preconceived notions and any superstitions or conditioning you’ve been exposed to.

This will not only allow, but also help you to develop and use your good sense independently of what other people think and do.