Why tough times create strong men, and strong men create good times


Kevin Mangelschots

Modern times have been kind to us in a large variety of ways.

For example, society nowadays has less manual labor to do due to easy access to advanced machinery and the rise of automatization. We also have to work much fewer hours than ever before.

Yet, people aren’t necessarily happier, nor are they healthier for that matter. But why is that?

It’s because good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.

Tough times create strong men meaning

An orange warning sign reading, “tough times ahead.”

Tough times create strong men means that mentally (and sometimes physically) strong people get created due to going through, enduring, and eventually overcoming hardships.

It means that challenging times can be incredibly tough, uncomfortable, and discouraging, but that it is exactly these hardships that provide a unique opportunity to learn and to grow as a human being.

People who have gone through hardships and successfully overcome these hard times grow stronger, and become more resilient to acute and chronic stress in the future.

Strong men create good times meaning

Strong men create good times, intends that people who are tough-minded and physically able create good, easy times because they are competent, hardworking, and responsible enough for their prosperity so that life becomes great as a result.

Hard men make easy times because they take responsibility and will make it a point to not only improve their own lives but that of others as well. Thus, creating good times in the process.

Why do good times create weak men?

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Good times create weak men communicate that good times are too easy because there’s a lack of adversity and intent to improve.

Due to this fact, people become complacent and lazy. This means that they don’t develop the necessary skills to become capable, hardworking, and responsible members of society. Therefore, creating weak men in the end.

Good times may be so effortless that they don’t entice improvement. And when we fail to improve, men, and people as a whole, become weak and incompetent.

Why do weak men create hard times?

Weak men create hard times signifies that people who are incompetent, immature, lazy, complacent, and irresponsible create hard times because they lack the necessary amount of competence and accountability to make their own, and other people’s lives better.

Due to these negative traits that weak men possess, they are unwilling to take the necessary amount of responsibility for their existence, never mind for improving that of others.

Why do tough times create strong men?

Image of men pouring concrete.

Out of necessity

Tough times create tough men out of necessity. Things such as war, no matter how unfortunate it is, can create strong people because it’s a necessity to survive in a harsh environment.

Weak people don’t survive in tough times, such as in warfare. People have to scavenge, cooperate, and possibly fight for their lives just to survive.

It boils down to this. Rough, challenging situations mean people have to toughen up to endure these hardships. Without becoming stronger individuals, they can’t carry on and will be swallowed by these difficult times.

The thing is, most people are lazy for a mixture of reasons.

One of the main reasons for our laziness is because we want to limit energy expenditure. In ancient times, we needed to save all the energy we could to survive. The second reason is that people prefer to take the easy road over the hard way. Because why would you do it the hard way when there’s an easier way to do the same thing?

Challenge is needed in order to grow

The quote, “we don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges” written in white letters on a wooden background.

Hard times create tough men because the challenge is needed in order to grow. There can’t be good without the bad. Life can’t exist without dying. And likewise, you can’t be tough without going through hardships.

Having to stand up against difficulties means you will have to work hard, be smart, and be persistent to succeed. It teaches you valuable skills that you will desperately need to thrive in this universe. Lo and behold, these same abilities are also required to become a tough individual.

You become a hardened individual through hardships and due to being a competent person.

Downside if times are too tough

The biggest downside is that when things are too challenging in life on too many fronts at once, we may wilt under the pressure. It’s possibly to be taken out by life.

Sometimes we just get caught between a rock and a hard place. And that means we have to make the best out of a bad situation.

Many people have gone downhill from tragic events in their lives. Think of things like cancer, the death of their partner, the loss of their job, and so on. Just one of those terrible circumstances might not put us down, but multiple tragic events at once will. People are tough, but not indestructible.

How weak men create tough times

Image of a man flexing his small biceps, depicting a weak man.
Weak men create hard times because we can’t grow as individuals if everything comes easy or naturally to us.

That’s because it prevents us from going through failure and building a necessity to evolve to keep us from being left behind.

If we get everything handed to us on a silver platter, then that will just make us weak. It means that we will not have developed vital skills such as determination, being strong-willed, hardworking, and perseverance.

This is all good and well, and people might argue that easy times are a sign of prosperity and that this might last indefinitely. But that’s not the case. Life is hard, and there will be multiple hurdles on our road. Sooner or later, disaster will strike us. And in that case, it’s better to be prepared and tough rather than unprepared and weak-minded. Better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

I would argue that our current, modern society is a breeding ground for weak people. Let me explain why.

Soft, undisciplined upbringing

Our education at home and school has become far too soft. There’s generally not enough discipline being taught and applied while growing up. And if a child gets punished at school for being unruly, then the parents regularly come running over knocking at the school gate to berate the teacher for punishing “poor little Timmy.”

Children are children. And children can’t properly decide for themselves, since they aren’t developed, nor disciplined enough. Their brains are still evolving and maturing. That’s why they NEED to be disciplined during childhood or there will be constant problems in adulthood. Children, and even adult people to some degree, need to learn their boundaries. They will push and pull until someone draws a line in the sand.

I would suspect that getting rid of the duty to serve in the army plays a part in this as well. Although I must admit that I haven’t been in the army either, since there was no army duty when I came of age. But the way I see and hear it from my elders, even the most unruly of young adults got taught to listen. Either the easy way or the hard way, due to a variety of punishments to those who wouldn’t fall in line.

Not standing up for themselves, others, and society

Picture of the words “stop bullying, stand up. Speak out”.

Weak men create tough times because weak men are afraid to stand up for themselves and those around them.

This allows society to turn rotten and to change for the worse. Things tend to spiral out of control when people don’t speak up, or not soon enough. That’s because our morals and values keep degrading little by little each time we don’t oppose what’s malicious.

It’s much easier to tackle issues when they’re still small, rather than when they have ample time to develop and grow in power.

Skewed perception of reality

Furthermore, strength, and a healthy body weight used to be promoted and considered a form of beauty and wellbeing, as it should be.

These days, the propaganda has been fed that “all shapes are beautiful and equally healthy.” Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but health is not. It has since long been established that being overweight is unhealthy. To add to this notion, it has been shown that obesity greatly increases the risk of getting chronic diseases and leads to a higher mortality rate.

But the concern isn’t just the skewed beauty and wellness perceptions. The larger issue is the warped perception of reality that our society has increasingly fallen victim to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who said the quote, “Hard times create strong men?”

In return, these strong men will create good times because they’re capable, and possess great morals to do so.
Vice versa, weak men create hard times because they’re used to getting everything easy, everything going their way, and because they’re undisciplined (weak men) as a result. This means that they will lack essential skills such as perseverance, working hard, and pushing through failure.
When a society has a large amount of weak men, is when times will be, or inevitably, hard in the future. That’s because weak men don’t have the necessary skills persistence and moral compass to create a thriving, peaceful, and cooperative society. (Hard times.)
Hard men make easy times. When times are easy, then that’s most likely due to responsible adults taking the required responsibility, all the while being competent, and tough-minded enough to change society for the better.

Do hard times make you stronger?

Hard times create strong men by making you physically and mentally stronger, and more resilient to future trauma.

People going through, and enduring, traumatic events become more resilient since it’s required to survive. They also gain additional benefits such as seeing the possibilities in life, appreciating life more, and getting more positive relationships with those around them.

Benefits of going through hard times

There are multiple benefits of going through hard times, such as:

  • Discovering yourself
  • Finding a purpose
  • Finding out what truly matters
  • Greater appreciation for life and loved ones
  • Becoming more altruistic and empathic
  • Becoming more humble
  • The increased amount of patience
  • Real-life experience
  • Becoming more mature
  • Becoming wiser
  • Becoming more positive


Lessons Learned statement on paper note pad. Office desk with electronic devices and computer, wood table from above, concept image for blog title or header image. Aged vintage color look.

Tough times create strong men, while weak men create tough times. Similarly, easy times create weak men, while tough men create easy times.

When things are too easy, people tend to become soft, frail, and weak. While life is hard and challenging, people are inclined to become mentally and physically strong because it’s necessary to last. And there’s no stronger incentive to act than if our survival depends on it.

No matter how you dice it, difficulties lead to growth. It allows us to develop ourselves as individuals. Creating a stronger, more mature person in the process.

Call to action

Even when times are effortless, seek out adversity to grow stronger as a person and prevent stagnation.

Remember that it’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war. You need to prepare yourself for what’s yet to come.

Surround yourself with strong people who aim to improve, rather than with individuals without any goals or desires in life other than to be useless and living for simply satisfying their hedonistic desires.

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