Mental health

Picture of a man jumping over a cliff. A symbolic jump from failure to success.
Mental health

How failure and hardship can lead to success

Success. An elusive entity that’s chased by many, but obtained by few.

And while we often don’t see it happening with our own eyes, successful people have usually tasted defeat many times before getting a taste of success. As the road towards prosperity is a wobbly, and difficult one.

But if failure is the pillar of success, then perseverance is the key to attainment.

Today we’ll be exploring how failure and hardship can lead to success. Let’s get started.

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Hyper awareness red gradient concept icon. Vector isolated outline RGB color drawing.
Mental health

Advantages and disadvantages of hyper awareness

Hyper awareness can be both an advantage, and a liability.

For example, someone can be hypervigilant of their social surroundings, allowing them to read the different social interactions and social relationships better than other people can.

However, hyper self awareness might subject that person to an increased amount of negative thoughts, emotions, and as a result, create certain mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

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Illustration of the quote, “Not knowing the truth doesn't make you ignorant, not wanting to know the truth is what makes you ignorant” written on a black background.
Mental health

Is ignorance bliss or not?

Whether ignorance is bliss or not depends on the circumstances.

I can look back at many instances where it was beneficial for me to not know, or even realize everything that was going on in the world.

The world was a magical place when I was younger. I truly believed I could be anything I wanted to be, regardless of my physical and cognitive limitations that were predetermined by nature.

Nevertheless, this ignorance also has some important downsides such as being unable to change things, and learn new things, among many other detriments.

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Image describing that exercising regularly, eating healthy, reducing stress, and drinking plenty of water are all needed for living a healthy life.
Mental health

The importance of good habits

Can you imagine having to think about every little thing that you do from your waking moment until you go to bed?

We would get overwhelmed by the various stimuli we would experience by constantly living inside our own heads. Living constantly in our own mind would be too mentally draining to keep up. Luckily for us, it doesn’t take all that long before a habit becomes automatic.

Let me explain why the importance of habits can’t be overstated.

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A street sign indicating two opposite directions: left for depression and right for the freedom. Background is white.
Mental health

My best tips to cure depression

Depression is often called the “silent killer”. And for good reason.

It’s a terrible disease that regularly goes unnoticed by other people. Hence, it’s name.

You are suffering from your waking moment till the moment you go to sleep. That is, if you are lucky enough to catch some sleep at all.

Today, I’m going to share my best tips to cure depression, or at least improve it speaking from personal experience.

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Picture with the words: “Your thoughts affect your emotions. Your emotions affect your decision. Your decisions affect your life.” Written on a black background.
Mental health

How to control your thoughts to feel happier

Controlling our emotions is hard, but learning how to control your thoughts to feel happier is possible for everyone.

Our emotions are rarely given the attention they deserve. Even though figuring out what those feelings mean and why we are experiencing them in a certain way might help us to understand ourselves better.

While our feelings can’t be controlled directly, we can learn to accept them, and realize that positive and negative feelings will continue to come and go our whole life since that’s part of life. Even more, we can learn how to control our thoughts to feel happier.

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Picture showing the text “Self care comes first” written down in a notebook.
Mental health

Why you should start putting yourself first

We live in a time and age where society often deems it egoistical and selfish to put our own needs and desires before those of others. Putting others before yourself is seen as a positive, even desirable personality trait.

Yet, I’m advocating for everyone to generally put their own needs first, and the other’s second to satisfy your own needs and desires. Otherwise, you become angry, jealous, and vengeful of others. And that’ll help nobody.

That’s why you should start putting yourself first more frequently.

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Picture of angel wings and a devil wings.
Mental health

Why being a good person is a choice

“A good man is not a harmless man. A good man is a dangerous man who has it under voluntarily control.”

This quote really sets the tone as to how I view this topic. There’s no virtue in being kind out of weakness, or because you don’t know how to do anything else. Ideally, being a good person is a choice

Let me explain why there’s a difference between being good out of choice vs. out of weakness.

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Picture of the words: “Why me?” lying down on a table.
Mental health

How to get rid of the victim mindset

The victim mentality is a common occurrencThe victim mentality is a common occurrence, especially in modern times since people misuse it as a tool to garner attention and external validation. However, beggars can’t be choosers. That’s why it’s best to take control over your own life rather than blaming others or external sources.

We all know someone in our lives who never takes fault when something goes wrong, even when they’re clearly the one to blame.

That person in your life is most likely seeing and portraying themselves as the unfortunate soul, which is detrimental for their own wellbeing and success. This is how to get rid of the victim mindset.

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The 5 stages of grief Kübler-Ross model.
Mental health

The 5 stages of grief explained

We go through the cycle of grief and loss whenever we experience a tragic event. No matter how small, and in what area of life this traumatic episode happens.

We can feel sorrow over physical pain, but also over emotional traumatic experiences and losses. We can even feel them both at the same time.

Let me explain what the 5 stages of grief are in order.

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