why mindset matters for your success


Kevin Mangelschots

Mindset matters a lot for your success.

Your outlook is essential to become successful at whatever you do in life. Whether it’s becoming strong, building a thriving business, getting good grades in school, and even building long-lasting relationships with those around us.

Let me explain why your attitude matters to become successful.

How does mindset affect success?

It all starts in the mind

Illustration of a statue with the quote, “no one can change your mind against your will, you must do that for yourself”, written on a blue background.

It all starts in the mind. You need to believe it, to be able to achieve it.

The mind can be a powerful tool that allows us to attain unthinkable goals, and reach unfathomable heights. But likewise, the mind can work against us and can prevent us from reaching our dreams. In extreme cases, a bad/wrong mindset can become toxic, and ruin our lives as a result.

Your mindset allows you to develop your skills

Success is based upon many traits such as intelligence, putting in the effort, perseverance, determination, confidence, and many more.

Developing those skills requires the right mindset, or otherwise, we can’t evolve them to the point where they allow us to flourish.

It allows you to be(come) confident

If we start off believing there’s no way we can ever achieve greatness, then this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We’ve already lost from the very start since we can never perform optimally when the notion that there’s seemingly no way we can accomplish our dreams is already stuck in our heads.

It all starts with believing in ourselves. That doesn’t mean that we have to blindly believe that we can’t fail, or that it will be easy to achieve what we’ve set out to do.

It also doesn’t mean ignoring our faults, weaknesses, and even the possibility of failure. But possessing the right state of mind by knowing that we won’t let failure halt us and that we will use it as a learning opportunity to grow, and to persevere, already goes a long way. It is enough to provide the much-needed confidence to succeed.

It allows us to put in effort and become disciplined

Picture of a person cutting the letter T of the sentence “I can't do it” with a pair of scissors.
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This self-confidence will then allow us to work hard. To put in the effort, and become disciplined that’s needed, especially when motivation will inevitably start to dwindle. It is this discipline that allows us to reach what we set out to achieve in the first place.

Furthermore, we must facilitate our intelligence to increase our chances of succeeding and to make the road easier instead of harder. Because why would you just work hard instead of being able to achieve more when working less hard, but smarter?

Ideally, you work both hard, and smart. But life isn’t perfect. As such, we aren’t perfect either. That’s why you should apply your smarts since it’s one of the most defining traits and strengths of the human race. But never neglect the power of hard work. It is indispensable, and very much a key factor in achieving greatness.

Allows us to think positive

Image of a note lying on a wooden table saying, “positive mind, positive vibes, positive life”.

A good mindset permits us to think positively instead of negatively. It lets us think of solutions instead of problems.

We must be able to see the good in even the worst of situations. Because every event, no matter how bad we perceive it to be, is an important lesson to be learned.

Remaining optimistic is key to overcoming the many hardships that life will throw at you. Life is about learning to dance in the rain instead of simply waiting for the storm to pass.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is mindset?

Mindset is the set of attitudes that someone believes to be true. These beliefs and thoughts will influence your habits, and your habits will determine how you think and feel about all facets of life.

This set of beliefs is how we attempt to make sense of ourselves, our surroundings, and the world itself.

These experiences shape our outlook. Or at least the way we attribute the things that happen in our lives.

In short, our mentality affects and determines everything we decide to do, or will ever do in life.

What does mindset matters mean?

Two illustrations showing the difference between a continuous improvement mindset and a fixed mindset.

Mindset matters means that your mindset is important. That’s why we say, ‘it matters’.

It conveys that it influences whatever you do, or think in life. And this influence can either be positive, but also negative.

This is because our attitude shapes our beliefs, and consequently, how we think about the world. The way we think about our existence will in turn impact the way we behave in life.

Is mindset the key to success?

Image of a curved road with the quote, “the difference between success and failure is the attitude you choose toward the road ahead”.

Since we’ve established that our mindset is important, we can conclude that our mindset is indeed the key to success. Whatever you decide to do in life, it all starts in your mind. There’s no denying that.

It all starts with a thought, an idea. And if we start off believing that there’s no way we can accomplish said intent, then we’re already starting on a negative note. And when we don’t believe in it, then chances are large we won’t give it our all since our confidence is low.

However, if we start off believing that we can truly accomplish what we wish to do, then we are very likely to do so because we will work hard and tirelessly since we’re confident that we can fulfill that feat.

Why does mindset matter the most?

Mindset matters the most since everything we do is influenced by the way we think about life.

Thus, our beliefs can work for us if we’re confident, positive, and realistic. Yet, they can also work against us if we’re unconfident, negative, and delusional.

Everything starts in the mind. Everything we think, believe, and will ever accomplish in life. Thus, in a way, our mind matters the most. And we should make sure to keep our brain and mental state in the right order.

How do you build a mindset for success?

Image of a woman meditating outside while looking at the sunrise.

  1. Specify what success means to you

    You can’t reach success when you don’t know what you’re aiming at.

    Success to you might simply mean financial stability, where you have just enough to pay for your house, food, and other basic needs. However, for another person it is being filthy rich, whereas another person defines success as having and maintaining a loving family.

    All these examples are viable ways to define success. There’s not one definitive answer, seeing as you can be successful in multiple different areas in life.

    But the important thing is to determine what success means to you, so you know what goal you need to work towards. Once you’ve specified your goal, you can figure out what’s currently lacking that you require to reach what you want.

  2. Figure out what’s missing in your current mindset

    Once you’ve specified what success means for you, you can start putting together the pieces that are missing in your current mindset to attain said goal(s).

    This step takes a lot of introspection, willingness to accept and admit we’re not perfect, and the capacity to be brutally honest with ourselves. And being unpretentious with yourself is a lot harder than it seems since it involves tearing down parts of ourselves that our ego desperately wants to protect.

  3. Take action

    Goal, plan, action text on light box on desk table in home office. Business motivation or inspiration, performance of human concepts ideas.

    And of course, there’s finally taking the action that’s always required to make the necessary changes, so we can get the results that we desire.

    Many people don’t get to this phase due to varying reasons. Sometimes it’s because they’re scared, sometimes because they don’t know how to, and sometimes because they lack the courage to attempt to change things for the better.

    Some run head-first into the fray without thinking things through. Chances are small that this will lead to positive outcomes. That’s why I’m an advocate to think things through thoroughly before taking action.

  4. Take accountability

    Taking accountability is a requisite to be capable of changing things.

    If we always blame someone else, or an outside source, then we’re unlikely to change anything. At least not for the better.

    But, that’s also precisely where the shoe pinches. It’s a lot easier to blame an outside source rather than ourselves. That’s why so many people fall prey to victim blaming instead of taking responsibility for their actions.

  5. Remain positive

    Picture of a blackboard with the words “positive attitude” written on it.

    What we think, we tend to attract. Thus, even though times may be harsh, and things aren’t going too well for you, it’s still a must to maintain a positive attitude if we wish to make a positive impact.

    Remain optimistic that you can have a positive influence on your personal life. Even the worst of situations provide unique opportunities to learn new things, acquire new insights, and even leverage all those failures and painful events into something valuable.

    Think about it, how many times have people who were depressed and down on themselves because they lost their job, for example, came out saying it was a blessing in disguise because they fixed their mistake, and finally found the job of their lives? It’s not that uncommon!


Illustration of someone's mind saying, “feed your mind with success”.

Summarized, your mindset matters because everything starts in the mind.

That means that our psyche can be our biggest asset, but also a large detriment concerning achieving what we want in life. Remember that time is precious, so use it wisely.

No matter what we do, it is all affected by our mentality. As such, our beliefs effectively shape what we think, and consequently what we do in this world.