Why life is a privilege denied to many


Kevin Mangelschots

Some people, particularly those who have suffered a lot, and as a result possess a lot of mental and emotional scarring, see life as something to get over with. They don’t see it as a gift, but rather as a curse that causes them great suffering.

However, for most, life is a privilege denied to many. Sure, there are bad, painful events and experiences, but overall, life isn’t all that bad. We’re free to pursue whatever we desire and to live life exactly the way we want to.

Never before in our history has life been so safe, which frees up a lot of valuable time to pursue other meaningful goals and dreams.

Why life is a privilege, not a right

Not many people get the chance to experience life

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Life is a privilege, not a right since not many individuals get this unique opportunity of being alive.

That’s because not many people get to experience this universe. Uncountable sperm cells lose the race, and you are the only one out of that large batch to experience life. This might sound funny to a lot of you, but think about it.

If you hadn’t been first, although you had no conscious control over it, then an entirely different person, with their consciousness would’ve lived instead of you. The ‘you’ that makes you unique, would not have existed.

That’s why you should be glad that you received the chance to even be aware of the fact that you’re alive.

Nevertheless, being hyper-aware of yourself and your surroundings can lead to a lot of problems. That’s why you should make it a point to control your mind and thoughts.

Life is short

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Life is extremely short in the grand scheme of things. Sure, some argue that living for example 80 years is quite long, but concerning the universe, this is just a speck in time.

Since time is so short, it is also extremely valuable. That’s why you should use it wisely, and make sure not to waste it. Chase your dreams and achieve the goals that have a purpose, as those are the things that will make life worth living for you.

Tragic things happen

Tragic things happen all the time. Tragic events happen regularly due to sheer dumb luck. Some people lose their lower limbs in car accidents, never to experience the joy of being able to walk again.

Some people experience strokes, only to wake up being unable to talk for the rest of their lives. And for those very unfortunate, deaths happen all the time. Sometimes because of our own mistakes, and sometimes due to simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

You’re free to live your life the way you want to

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Life is a gift, and it offers you the privilege to live and experience it entirely the way you want to. Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Options have never been more plentiful. Do you want to become a construction worker and find meaning out of making houses for other folks? Again, that’s perfectly reasonable to do.

Do you want to make money making YouTube videos or blogging and sitting behind a computer all day? That too can happen in this day and age.

The point is, never in history have there been more viable options to live our lives the way we want them to. Technology has improved and keeps evolving at an enormous rate. We have access to the internet, and this changes things into an entirely different ballgame. Moreover, life has never been safer, and thus, we have more free time to pursue things we enjoy instead of simply struggling to survive.

Life is easier and safer now, which means we can be who we are

Because life is much simpler and safer now, we’re free to be who we truly are. Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege to become who we want to become in this existence.

Before, when our very survival depended on the group we were with and our relationships with the members of our tribe, it was in our interest to make sure we were well-received by everyone. Even if that meant sacrificing parts of our individuality and who we truly are for the survival of the group, or simply to be liked and protected.

The words, “safe from harm” written in white letters in multiple blocks.

Today, life is much safer. We have law enforcement, we have rules that say we can’t harm others or be punished. And due to the easy access to basic needs such as a roof above our heads, food, and electricity, we have much less need for a group to survive. We aren’t constantly being attacked by other people, nor do we perpetually have to search for food and water, since we have access to stores all over the world.

This frees up valuable time that we can use to explore other options and skills. Think of becoming proficient and enjoying things such as hobbies, and learning other skills. Not to mention that we can pursue different career paths to earn money due to the rise of the internet such as becoming a vlogger, or a blogger.

Life doesn’t own you anything

Life doesn’t owe you anything. It isn’t fair, nor is it always rainbows and sunshine. It’s rough, and terrible things happen all the time. People get into accidents, and a lot of individuals die every day.

That’s also precisely why life is a privilege and not a right.

People like to think that life owns them something. That living life in a particular way should reward them. That’s our arrogance talking because life does not work that way. It does not have to give us anything, as it doesn’t owe us anything. Life is a miracle, that happens partly due to chance. And if you want something, then it’s up to you to go get it.

For example, just because you’re smart doesn’t mean that your boss is going to pay you more. You’re going to have to prove yourself and talk face to face why you should earn more money than your peers. Of course, you’ll have to present it in such a way that it’s clear that it is in their benefit as well. Good business means both sides are content.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are

The quote, “I have agency, and I am responsible for my choices”.

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are, which means that you have the unparalleled capacity to be yourself. Nobody can take this away from you, since there’s only one distinctive you, just like everyone else is unique.

Becoming who you truly are is something very few get, and manage to do. Not only is it hard to develop yourself to that point, since it takes a lot of time, effort, and persistent work, but it’s also something few can accomplish. Thus, it is one of the greatest privileges to attain this incredible feat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Life itself is a privilege meaning

Image saying, “privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it's not a problem to you personally.”

Life itself is a privilege, which means that we’re privileged enough just to be in the fortunate position of being alive. It’s a gift bestowed upon us by this universe, and our parents.

Not many people get the unique chance to experience this universe. It’s literally like winning a lottery ticket since only one sperm cell gets to win the race, and develop into a human being!

Due to this gift, we’re free to live life the way we want to and to pursue the things that make life worth living for us. That’s why we need to take accountability to succeed.

Life is a gift and freedom is a privilege explained

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Depending on the way you view things, life is a gift from your parents and this universe, while freedom is a privilege not many get to truly experience.

Sure, we can say that democracy means that all people have equal rights, but not everyone has the same skills, talents, and material wealth, nor are we born in families with equal riches.

This means that life will be a lot easier for some fortunate individuals, and a lot harder for the majority of average folks.

Logically, this means that this small percentage of highly lucky and gifted individuals can have a lot more freedom than the majority does. If they use their talents and intelligence, of course.

This freedom can take multiple forms, such as free time, and freedom to pursue both easy and difficult careers and still succeed. Some even have the freedom to not work if they’re lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family.


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Life is a gift and freedom is a privilege that comes along with it for some lucky folks.

We can conclude that most people have a wrong perception of existence.

Life doesn’t owe us anything, nor does it have to be fun and kind.

That’s not to say that there aren’t beautiful moments in life and that life can’t be worth living. Because there certainly are breathtaking events in life. But we need to be realistic instead of living in a fairy tale.

For all the enjoyable moments, people are still getting sick, accidents happen, and folks are dying each day.

Since life is so short and precious, we should make it a point to enjoy it while we can, and are still in good health.

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