There is more than what meets the eye explained


Kevin Mangelschots


  • There is more than meets the eye, stands for things being more complicated than they first appear to be.
  • This applies to life as well, since the entire truth isn’t always visible.
  • People typically hide their true motives while only showing you what they want, and allowing you to see.

What does “there is more than what meets the eye” mean?

There is more than meets the eye means that there is more to something than there first appears to be. In other words, things are more complicated than they seem to be.

Oftentimes, there’s more going on behind the scenes than what’s visible to us with our bare eyes. That’s why we must make it a point to look for the whole truth by searching for hidden intentions and motives.

Why there's more than meets the eye in life

People have hidden motives

Black and white image of a woman hiding.

People have hidden motives, and rarely do we truly, or fully show our real purposes. Especially people with bad intentions will attempt to hide their motivations. That’s why you should always ask yourself “why” they’re exhibiting said behavior.

By default, that would mean that people only show the parts of their personalities that they want to be seen, which is typically the good side of ourselves. Simultaneously, we hide our real motives, which might be darker, or at least more selfish than we would care to admit.

The truth isn’t always clear

The truth isn’t always easy to figure out, nor is it necessarily clear. We often try to twist the facts so that it fits our narrative, or because the real, harsh truth scares us. That’s why it isn’t always easy to separate the truth from lies.

That’s why you should never simply accept what other people are telling you and take it for granted that it’s the truth. Remember, not all people want the best for you, nor is everyone honest and ethical.

Not to mention that people are influenced by biases such as conformation bias and groupthink, which will impact our ability to reason well, and our capacity to separate facts from fiction.

The truth isn’t always black or white

The word “truth” and “lie” written in black and white indicating that the truth isn't always black or white.

My truth isn’t necessarily your truth and vice versa. Even more, sometimes both parties are partially right, and partially in the wrong as well.

That’s why seeking out the objective truth is hard, and not necessarily what’s being portrayed in front of our faces by one specific party. We must understand it because simply knowing isn’t enough to link that information to other subjects in our lives.

Life is complicated

Ultimately, life is a complicated game that we all play, but not fully understand. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you have all the answers, because you don’t. You can’t, and neither can I, nor anyone else.

This existence and the universe itself is simply too complex for us to know, and understand it all. Even though we pride ourselves on our advanced intelligence, we’re still limited by our cognitive abilities. Particularly by our capability to understand the vastness of this experience and universe.

We want to live our lives based on reality

The words “expectations vs. reality” written in black letters on a light blue background.

If we want to live our existence based on reality, then we must make it a point to seek out objective information that isn’t always visible to us. That’s because there’s always more than meets the eye.

Living in a wishful fairy tale that’s tailored to our wants, needs, and desires seems great, but will ultimately cause more issues than it solves. We need to figure out our concerns and learn to live purposefully while dealing with the harsh truths in life at the same time. That’s the only way we can accomplish our dreams and goals.

Final takeaway

Image of the word, “conclusions” written on a black backboard with white chalk.

In most instances, there is more than meets the eye. It’s always advisable to seek out the whole truth since that’ll lead to a better understanding of the facts, what happened, why it occurred, and how life itself works.

People typically only show those around them what they want them to see while concealing their true motives. That’s why you should seek out the facts to make well-informed decisions and to live your life according to the correct information available.