Kevin Mangelschots

Quotes typically contain a lot of knowledge about life.

Just because we have to decipher its meaning doesn’t mean that it isn’t valuable. Perhaps being forced to think about them is the key to a new, better understanding of these abstract phrases.

Without further ado, some interesting quotes about life.

Quotes about life

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  1. If a person keeps getting lucky it’s probably not luck but skill.
  2. Intuition is an unconscious decision-making process where both the objective and subjective truth are put together to reach a probable conclusion.
  3. If you want to know if someone is trustworthy, listen to what they are saying and look at what they are doing. If the actions don’t match the words, don’t trust them.
  4. If the words don’t match the actions, don’t trust them.
  5. Actions prove what a person is thinking.
  6. How a person acts when nobody is looking and there is nothing to gain reveals their true character.
  7. Most often, we grow out of necessity, not out of desire.
  8. Existential depression is best defined by who and what you are now, not aligning with who you want to be.
  9. Always lead by example, because how can other people trust you if you don’t even follow your own rules?
  10. You have to be capable of being bad to be good and vice versa.
    The quote, “any fool can know. The point is to understand.” Written in white letters on a gray background. A quote by Albert Einstein.
  11. You have to be bad to be good.
  12. Don’t dismiss behavior society deems as ‘unworthy’ or ‘savage’ too quickly. There are often a lot of uses for these kinds of behavior when properly integrated. As an example, ask yourself this: Don’t you want to be able to become aggressive to protect your children when they are in danger of being hurt?
  13. You only see what you aim at.
  14. What you focus on, you become.
  15. Ideologists often started with the best intentions. But end up being the very thing they despise.
  16. Voluntarily and gradually exposure is the key to combatting anxiety and fear.
  17. Reconnect with nature and things will make more sense.
  18. It takes a strong person to show vulnerability.
  19. Showing vulnerability is not weakness. It’s a sign of strength and courage.
  20. Vulnerability and weakness are not the same thing.
  21. Only when a man is afraid, can he show courage.
  22. What you know is not important, what you don’t know is.
  23. Growth lies in the unknown.
  24. You already know what is known to you, it’s what you don’t know that you need to learn.
  25. Don’t trust someone who says he’s not afraid of anything. They’re either lying or an idiot.
  26. Treat others how you would want to be treated, and your conscience is clear.
  27. Every individual can change the world. Every individual meets a lot of people during their lifetime that they can influence.
  28. It’s no shame to make a mistake, it’s a shame not to learn from your mistakes.
  29. Arrogance hinders the growth of knowledge.
  30. Intelligence and wisdom are not the same.
    The quote, “always desire to learn something useful” written in black letters on a light blue background. Quote by Sophocles.
  31. Every emotion is trying to tell you something, desperate for you to listen and learn.
  32. You keep repeating the same mistake until you decide to learn.
  33. I don’t believe in fate. I do however believe that we are fated to repeat our mistakes until we learn from them.
  34. If we take two identical people and the first person says they can reach their goals, then I will believe them. If the other one says they can’t reach their goals, then I believe them too. Believe to achieve.
  35. You don’t get to choose not to suffer. You only get to decide what you suffer for.
  36. The person who says life is meaningless is right, and the one who says everything in life has meaning is also right. It’s a matter of perspective.
  37. Work hard and diligently and the results will come.
  38. Focus your thoughts outwards when you are anxious because when you are anxious, you are overthinking and overanalyzing things.
  39. Start by doing something badly at first. It beats doing nothing and is part of the process of becoming good at something.
  40. Happiness is a fleeting feeling. Contentment will last you a lifetime.
  41. If you want to be content with your life, set goals and try to achieve them.
  42. Depression can have many causes and symptoms, which makes the disease so hard to combat effectively.
  43. Depression is a silent killer. And until you’ve experienced it, you can’t know how it truly feels like.
  44. The problem in today’s society is nobody wants to be themselves anymore.
  45. You can channel your emotions for positive or negative change. For example, let jealousy fuel you to improve and better yourself instead of becoming spiteful, vengeful, and toxic.
  46. People will eventually forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
  47. Don’t feel superior just because you are intelligent, because you didn’t have to work for it, and life has many important aspects outside of intelligence.
  48. Intelligence is a blessing and a curse at the same time.
  49. There can be no good without the bad.
  50. What’s good and bad is largely made up by society. It’s a cultural thing.
    The quote, “turn your wounds into wisdom” written on a background.
  51. Anything worth doing is worth doing badly at first.
  52. A person’s character is revealed from the amount of truth they can handle.
  53. Education alone will not solve crime. “A criminal without education will rob a small store. An educated criminal will rob an entire bank.”
  54. Life is just a series of different games that we play.
  55. If multiple coincidences happen, it’s probably not a coincidence.
  56. Motivation gets you started, but routine gets you there.
  57. Even the most rational person is still highly affected by subjectivity and their emotions.
  58. For all our differences, people are more alike than different.
  59. To truly understand someone, you have to have the capacity to be like them.

Final note

“Never stop dreaming” written in black letters in a notepad lying on a table with a coffee standing on top of it.

I hope you enjoyed these quotes, and that they got you thinking, if only just a bit about your life, and how we decide to behave in this existence.

Until next time!