HIIT cardio kickboxing home workout


Kevin Mangelschots

Workout guidelines:

Workout time:

Workouts per week:

Rest time between rounds:

Training level:

Exercises performed:


Program goal:

10–30 minutes

Preferably 3

1–2 minutes


Punches, kicks, knees

None/boxing bag

Cardiovascular and muscular endurance, balance and muscle coordination.

The HIIT cardio kickboxing home workout explained

A woman kicking a heavy bag in the gym.


Every good workout program requires a decent warm-up to get the blood flowing. Reducing the risk of injuries.

We start by warming up for 2–3 minutes. The goal of the warm-up is to get blood pumping to the muscles.

We do this by performing jabs, crosses, and knees at very slow and at a slow intensity. I would recommend warming up at about 30% intensity while also moving around by using footwork, so the legs get warmed up as well.

Round 1:

Double jab x 10 (so 20 jabs total)

Jab + Cross x 10

Jab + cross  + hook x10

Jab + cross + uppercut x10

Jab + cross + hook + uppercut x 10

Round 2:

A man throwing a right punch when boxing.

Jab + knee x10

Jab + cross + knee x10

Jab + front kick x10

Jab + cross + front kick x10

Jab + cross + hook + front kick x10

Cool down:

We cool our bodies down the same way we started warming up. 2–3 minutes of cardio kickboxing at a low intensity of about 30%. Jabs, crosses, and knees only. No fancy stuff!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is cardio kickboxing?

A man kicking the heavy bag in a gym.

Cardio kickboxing is an interval-based workout.

It combines cardiovascular training with martial arts. Not only does it improve our cardiovascular system, but cardio kickboxing requires a lot of balance, strength, and hand-eye coordination as well.

The HIIT cardio kickboxing workout is centered on movement with an emphasis on punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. It’s a full-body home workout that uses every muscle in the body, which makes it a very intense, though amazingly fun home workout.

For those looking for an enjoyable, yet challenging alternative, our 10-minute HIIT jump rope interval workout might just satisfy your needs.

Why should I give this HIIT cardio kickboxing home workout a shot?

Do you want to punch stuff? Do you have pent-up aggression? Or do you simply want a more dynamic cardio home workout that’s not focused on running or walking?

Then this training program might be something you’ll like. It combines strength, coordination, finesse, and balance from the choreographed movements in punches and kicks while also gaining the cardiovascular benefits from high-intensity interval training.

You’ll burn a lot of calories because of the intense nature of the workout. This makes it particularly great for fat loss.

Honestly, it’s so fun it doesn’t even feel like you’re working out, which is a great added benefit!

Benefits of HIIT cardio kickboxing home workout

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  • Weight loss

    One hour of high-intensity interval training cardio kickboxing burns about 400 calories, which makes it great for burning fat.

  • Cardiovascular endurance

    HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. This means that your heart rate goes up and stays elevated for the entire workout.

    This in turn will increase your body’s anaerobic endurance.

  • Time-saving

    Image of a clock, with the words, 'don't waste your time' written on the notebook beside it.

    Just a 10-minute HIIT cardio kickboxing home workout has shown to have a lot of health benefits.

    This means if you’re short on time, only ten minutes of training 3 times a week is enough to get in decent shape. Of course, you can always train for a longer period if you have the time to spare.

  • Coordination and balance

    High-intensity interval training cardio kickboxing requires a lot of balance and coordination from our body to pull off the motions with good technique and form.

  • Strength gains

    During this workout, you are training every muscle of your body at an intense pace.

    Your core and legs are activated heavily when rotating in your punches and kicks, meaning your strength will increase as well.

  • Stress and pain relieve

    A hand pushing the “off” button with the sentence “stress level” written above it.

    Working out releases endorphins, which are a natural stress and pain reliever our body produces. Working out also helps to cure depression.

    Cardio kickboxing has the added benefit of being able to hit stuff. Which in itself is already relieving!

  • Full body workout

    You train every muscle in your body. Both large and small muscle groups.

    Training every muscle in your body means you will grow stronger and fitter in cohesion.

  • Better posture

    If you have a job that requires you to sit a lot during the day, then it’s possible your posture and strength isn’t great.

    With this workout, the core and back muscles are being trained, making it possible to correct bad or harmful posture.


Image of the word, “conclusions” written on a black backboard with white chalk.

The HIIT cardio kickboxing home workout is a great, intensive workout requiring a lot of balance, cardiovascular endurance, strength, and coordination.

It’s suited for both beginners and intermediate sports enthusiasts, the workout is easily adaptable. Simply put, making the exercises limited to jabs, crosses, and knees already makes it, so we take the most complicated and thus, potentially dangerous exercises out.

For most people, the kicks will be the hardest part to perform safely because kicking requires a considerable amount of balance and coordination to pull off.

If it’s too challenging, or you’re simply bored, and you want to change things up, then this 10-minute HIIT workout at home might be right up your alley.