Physical health

A man and woman kicking a heavy bag in the gym.
Cardiovascular training

HIIT cardio kickboxing home workout

Cardio kickboxing is an interval based workout.

It combines cardiovascular training with martial arts. Not only does it improve our cardiovascular system, cardio kickboxing requires a lot of balance, strength and hand-eye coordination as well.

The HIIT cardio kickboxing workout is centered upon movement with an emphasis on punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. It’s a full body home workout that uses every muscle in the body, which makes it a very intense, though amazingly fun home workout.

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Picture of multiple people lifting with barbells in a gym.
Cardiovascular training

10-minutes HIIT workout at home

It almost sounds too good to be true. ‘Can I get in shape with only 10 minutes of high-intensity interval training? (HIIT)’

The answer in general is yes, but it depends on what your goals are.

It’s probably the best ‘bang for your buck’ workout program for getting fitter.

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Mass training

Why and how everyone should squat

Squatting is a great functional compound exercise. Why, you might ask? Because we often need to pick up stuff from the ground during our daily lives.

It mimics the proper technique that we should use to pick up things from the ground, particularly if those things happen to be heavy. Picking things up with a straight back places the least amount of possible stress on our back, thus reducing the chance of potential injuries.

Let me explain why and how everyone should squat.

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A young woman deadlifting in the gym.
Mass training

Strength training program for beginners

The workouts of this strength training program for beginners only consist of compound exercises to maximize strength gains. Compound exercises use multiple muscle groups at once, as opposed to isolation exercises, which only train one specific muscle at a time.

Remember, it’s a strength training program for beginners. So I wouldn’t suggest this training program if you are looking for a pure bodybuilding, hypertrophy-based workout program or if you are an advanced lifter. But don’t worry, you will gain some size following this strength training program if you eat and sleep well.

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