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Image of a kid sitting in front of a television with the words, “obey, buy, conform, eat, work, asleep, watch TV, obey, consume” written around the child.

Why we are living in a brainwashed society

I want to start by saying that everyone is brainwashed to some degree in my opinion.

Even the most intelligent and rational individuals are still somewhat indoctrinated and irrational. Whether we’re conscious of that uncomfortable fact, or not.

Yet, it’s happening all around us. The government, the media, business owners, and even our peers we consider friends are part of the problem at times. I say occasionally because I’m generalizing, and not everything the government, the media, and other outlets tell us is wrong or poor advice.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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Critical issues in today’s society

Even though our current generation is generally better off than ever before, some problems in today’s society should be addressed if we want to prevent these things from wreaking havoc down the road.

Furthermore, persistent betterment is essential if we wish to continue flourishing in the future.

These are just some examples of the issues in today’s society:

— Being misled by authorities and media.
— Poor role models.
— Being overly sensitive.
— Too concentrated on material wealth.
— Too easy to spread false information.

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The quote, “don't let fear paralyze you, let it motivate you” written in white letters on a light blue background.
Mental health

How to use fear as motivation to improve


— Fear can be a powerful short-term motivator.
— It can make us change our behavior for the better.
— Dread is not a healthy long-term incentive.
— Being slightly frightened can increase productivity.
— Being too scared decreases productivity.

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Why luck favors the brave


– Courageous people are less afraid to take risks.
– Larger stakes typically lead to larger payoffs.
– Brave individuals push their limits.
– Bold folks take opportunities that get presented to them.

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Mental health

Why lots of people are crazy in today’s world

While insane individuals have always existed, I feel that a lot of people are crazy today for varying reasons that I will share today.

That’s not necessarily because our cognitive abilities have deteriorated, but rather because our way of living is not in tune with how we’re supposed to live. As a result, our perception about the world, and what’s true and false becomes warped, and we’re more likely to experience an increased amount of negative emotions such as anxiety and sadness.

Let me explain what typically goes wrong in modern society according to my personal view.

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Image of a young woman lying in a couch doing nothing.

Why an idle mind is the devil’s playground

These are the main reasons why an idle mind is the devil’s playground:

— People need to be physically active, or their mind tends to wander off.
— People who aren’t busy have too much time to think.
— We only ponder about the biggest issue(s) at a given time.
— We need to move around to stay mentally and physically healthy.

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Image of a man jumping over a cliff while the sun is setting.

Why fortune favors the bold


— Fortune favors the bold since they’re willing to take action.

— They’re willing to take risks.

— Courage typically gets rewarded by society.

— Taking risks typically means a larger potential payoff.

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The word “unprepared” written with the letters “un” being crossed out, indicating that they're prepared.

Why luck favors the prepared


– Luck favors the prepared since they can recognize the opportunities surrounding them.
– They’re more likely to be competent enough to take advantage of these options.
– They’re able to do so since they’ve been preparing for a long time for when the right chance comes along.

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The quote, “any fool can know. The point is to understand.” Written in white letters on a gray background. A quote by Albert Einstein.
Mental health

Any fool can know, the point is to understand explained

I can recall many times when I intuitively knew something to be right without truly understanding why. Call it a gut feeling.

And while knowing something is great, comprehending how, and why that’s the case is much better since it’ll lead to more knowledge when you’re capable of connecting all the dots.

Here’s why any fool can know, but the point is to understand.

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