A handwriting “equality” with a male symbol on the right and a female symbol on the left, indicating that they're equal.
Mental health

Equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome

Equality is a topic that often gets brought up in these modern times. Especially the terms “equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome.”

I believe that an equal amount of chances is something we should strive for. Yet, I believe that striving for equal results is not desirable, not to mention impossible to achieve.

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Image of three men sitting against a wall with a mask. The first one is covering his mouth, the middle one is covering his eyes, and the last one is covering his ears, depicting willful ignorance.
Mental health

Why you should go from blissful ignorance to becoming self-aware in life

We all come into this world with our eyes closed, but we must learn to open our eyes if we want to deal with the harsh reality of life.

While blissful ignorance has its perks, I still believe that becoming painfully self-aware is beneficial, although the road towards enlightenment can be brutal and agonizing.

Let me explain why I think that all people should try to become aware, and why willful blindness will lead to problems down the road.

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The word “impossible” written with the letters “im” cut off and crossed out.
Mental health

How to build up self-confidence

A healthy amount of self-esteem is vital in order to live a happy, fulfilling life. It allows us to reach our goals in the future by being daring enough to undertake challenges in addition to trying out new things.

And while some people are naturally more self-assured than others, there are a number of things we can do to improve our sureness. The loudest person in the room is for sure not always the most confident one.

This is how to build up self-confidence.

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Picture of multiple people trying to put multiple white jigsaw puzzle pieces together.
Mental health

individual vs collective culture: How the individual can survive in a group

Today we’ll be talking about individual vs collective culture. We’re going to explore and give tips how the individual can survive in a group.

People are social animals. As a result, each individual is bound to wind up in multiple groups, with each group consisting of multiple different people.

This way, each individual can talk with one another and work together, effectively sharing the load. Let’s take a look at why we should cherish and nurture our individuality and how this is beneficial to a group.

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Multiple possible questions being written on a wooden board.
Mental health

How to find out someone’s intentions

Let’s face it, not everyone’s goals are noble and pure. That’s why we need to learn how to find out someone’s intentions, to filter those with dubious purposes from the good ones.

We need to know if someone has good intents or bad ones for our own safety. Because harmful people can be a danger to us. Be it physically or mentally.

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Lessons Learned statement on paper note pad. Office desk with electronic devices and computer, wood table from above, concept image for blog title or header image. Aged vintage color look.
Mental health

100 Life lessons I wish I learned sooner

During our life we acquire an incredible large amount of life lessons.

Unfortunately, life teaches a lot of those instructions to us the hard way. The lockdown that was induced due to COVID-19 has taught me additional life lessons that were vital to my development as well.

There are some life lessons that I learned along the way. And these teachings were often learned the hard and painful way.

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Mental health

Why you should take responsibility for your own actions

We can all probably remember an instance where we placed the blame on somebody else or society, while we should’ve taken control for our own actions.

When we reflect upon our behavior at a later time, we often realize that it was ourselves who was to blame.

However, if placing the blame on other people is not the way to go, then that means there must be another, more productive road to success and self-improvement. Let’s explore why you should take responsibility for your own actions.

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Image describing that exercising regularly, eating healthy, reducing stress, and drinking plenty of water are all needed for living a healthy life.
Mental health

How to take care of your health

Our well-being is the single most important thing in life. No amount of money, or fame can ever replace that.

As a result, it’s no wonder that we want to learn how to take care of ourselves. Both physically, and mentally.

Let’s find out how to take care of your health.

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Picture with the word “lie” in the background and the word “truth” in the middle of it.
Mental health

Why you should tell the truth or at the very least not lie

You should tell the truth, or at the very least not lie if you can’t manage to tell the truth.

Truth telling is indeed a hard and difficult thing, especially while being considerate to the feeling of others.

Furthermore, we’re also going to explain in depth what the dangers are if you’re dishonest with yourself and others. Let’s get started.

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