Any fool can know, the point is to understand explained


Kevin Mangelschots

Many times, I intuitively knew something to be right without truly understanding why. Call it a gut feeling.

And while knowing something is great, understanding how, and why it is that way is much better since it’ll lead to an even bigger realization when you’re capable of connecting all the dots.

I’ll explain why any fool can know, but the point is to understand.

The meaning of, “any fool can know, the point is to understand”

The word understanding and what it entails written in black letters on a notepad.

Any fool can know, the point is to understand means that simply knowing something isn’t enough. We must understand it so deeply to understand the magnitude of the topic at hand.

This way, we can apply that newly gained understanding by taking action to improve things ourselves and to teach others our comprehension. Just knowing something doesn’t make you capable of teaching those around you. You need a deep understanding of the facts and how things are related to teach others efficiently.

Accumulating knowledge without applying it is simply a waste of time and energy since it doesn’t amount to anything.

To know is to understand: How knowing can lead to understanding

Illustration how revealing and listening can lead to understanding.

You can only learn to understand a topic in depth once you already know something. That’s because knowing is the precursor to a full understanding of a certain subject.

You must first know what to look for before you can truly interpret the intricacies and details of a truth.

A deep apprehension of a subject allows you to see how it’s all connected to other themes and knowledge. Thus, allowing you to get a clearer picture of reality since you can acknowledge how multiple topics are intertwined.

Simply knowing something doesn’t make you suited to transfer your knowledge, nor does it make you a good teacher. But something you fully understand makes you capable of connecting the dots and does make you competent in explaining things simply without overcomplicating.

Final note

Image of a hand holding a card with the word “conclusions” written in blue.

Knowing something is great, but understanding why it is that way is even better since it allows you to compare it to other subjects to figure out how it’s all intertwined, leading to an even deeper perception than before.

It’ll lead to wisdom, make you an effective teacher, and an overall better communicator.

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