5 Lifestyle changes that will help you feel years younger


Kevin Mangelschots

Do you ever feel like you’re older than your actual age? This might be a result of lifestyle choices, but you always have the opportunity to turn things around! With health and fitness resources like the Healthy Body at Home blog, you can get started on your anti-aging journey. These tips will guide you as you start focusing on your physical and mental health, and before you know it, you’ll wake up feeling years younger!

Declutter your home

Sometimes, living in a cluttered environment can make you feel sluggish and unmotivated rather than energized. Cleaning up your home can actually help you feel a little younger — you can make space for the things that really matter, and organizing can boost your mood! Perhaps your family has been complaining, arguing frequently, or acting negatively. If so, it’s time to clear out that energy! Declutter, deep clean, let some fresh air in, and consider burning some incense while you’re at it.

Socialize regularly

If you’re aiming to feel younger, socializing regularly is just as important as eating well and exercising. As you get older, spending time with friends and family can help you maintain your cognitive health. It can also boost your memory and even improve your longevity. Social connections are powerful, so try to make plans to see your loved ones more frequently.

Seek novelty

Perhaps you feel like you’ve lost your willingness to be spontaneous as you’ve grown up. Maybe it’s been a while since you tried out a new hobby or traveled to a new place. Becoming more open-minded and seeking novelty can actually help you feel younger. Younger people are more likely to display openness as a personality trait, but you don’t have to stop trying new things just because you’ve gotten older. Make it a point to get out of your comfort zone — you may discover a side of yourself that you didn’t know.

Make reading a habit

If you want to pick up a hobby that will help you feel younger, it’s time to head to the library and grab a couple of great novels. Yes, reading can actually boost your cognitive health and help you become mentally sharper. And as long as you have a library card, it’s free. Try to choose books that will teach you about topics you’re interested in. You could also return to books that you read years ago to see if you have a different perspective on the plot.

Physical fitness

Eating healthy foods and working out are also essential if you want to look and feel younger. On your next trip to the grocery store, add a few items with anti-aging properties to your cart. For instance, you may want to add red bell peppers to your salads, snack on papaya and nuts, slice up an avocado for breakfast, or have a side of sweet potatoes with your dinner.

It’s also important to make time for exercise. Whether you want to do cardio, lift weights, or try out a new sport, the best way to commit to a fitness plan is by choosing a form of exercise that you genuinely enjoy! This will motivate you to stick with your workouts.

We can’t physically turn back the clock, but we can take steps to ensure that we still feel young as the years go by. By structuring yourself around these anti-aging strategies, you’ll notice an improvement in your overall well-being. Your body and mind will thank you!

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